Grow healthier and smarter with Mediterranean diet plan

By | November 22, 2016

People are now aware about directing their pivot towards healthier lifestyle, which is best way to get rid of unwanted flab and weight tagging them obese. Like several other plans for diet, Mediterranean diet has earned huge popularity. It is viewed as heart-healthy diet plan for ones willing to steady their weight and relish health backed lifestyle. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains and moderate amounts of healthy fats are elements of this diet. This diet offers galore health and skin benefits supported by several research studies suggesting this eating plan can bring down the risk of cancer or heart disease.

This Mediterranean diet plan is a balanced and nutritious diet followed by French, Italians, Spanish and Greek people and also general countries around the north eastern Mediterranean basin of southern Europe. These populations have portrayed lower risk of heart disease amongst other country people. Though Mediterranean diet is considered to be a high fat diet, but people from these countries enjoy an excellent state of health. This is because quality of fats play role in determining overall health. Mediterranean’s people.

Vitality of Mediterranean diet pyramid

Mediterranean diet pyramid came into limelight when for more than 50 years; doctors observed that Mediterranean people are very healthy when compared to heart diseases or strokes. Mediterranean people have lowest rates of chronic diseases and also highest adult life expectancy. Mediterranean diet is key to healthy life of Mediterranean population. Let us look at insights of their diet plan:

1: Focusing on fresh fruits, vegetables and also whole grains

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If you want to follow Mediterranean diet plan to get lose the weight then fruits, vegetables, potatoes, breads and grains, beans, nuts and seeds should dominate your day. This way you can get healthy with micronutrient and antioxidant.

2: Eating nuts for snack

This diet suggests eating nuts, as they are healthy monounsaturated fats and do not stuck in the arteries. Studies have always motivated eating of almonds and walnuts because they are the most beneficial for our health.

3: Seasoning food with garlic, onions and aromatic herbs

Garlic can be credited for major contributor to the low incidence of high blood pressure in Mediterranean countries. Besides, studies have shown that garlic brings down cholesterol and triglycerides, lowers blood pressure and prevents the formation of blood clots safeguarding bodies through its antioxidant properties. Onions and other aromatic herbs work very similar to garlic.

4: Less consumption of fat cheese, yoghurt, eggs and red meat

Choose the low-fat or non-fat versions to acquire lot of the good calcium without the bad fat. The Mediterranean diet recommends small serving of dairy foods.

5: Preferring olive oil

Olive oil has many beneficial health effects. It lends protection against heart disease by controlling cholesterol levels.

6: Glass of wine is sufficient

If you drink moderately (one glass of wine per day) it may boost your heart and help in bringing the weight.

Apart from incorporating diet habits in your lifestyle, it is vital that you should relax and eat. Mediterranean people share food and conversation with family and friends. It is also necessary that you get indulged in physical activities; going for walks, riding bicycle, swimming and many other should be harnessed for better lifestyle.

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