The 99 Best Natural Remedies To Beat Insomnia! Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night!

By | September 4, 2017
The 99 Best Natural Remedies To Beat Insomnia! Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night!

What’s illness or disorder helps make the pharmaceutical company the most
money? If you said Anxiety disorders you’re right. Now, what’s the second
biggest money maker? Sleep disorders.
That’s right- getting to sleep, tossing and turning, snoring, and sleep apnea are making “Big Pharma” big bucks, and if you’re one of the men or women shelling out your hard-earned dollars for some sleep, then this is the E-newsletter for you.
What’s in this newsletter? Over 99 natural ways to get to sleep and stay asleep.
Plus, you’ll learn…
a) The best fruit juice to end insomnia, (it also stops the frequent wakeups
to urinate.
b) How watching this type of program can make it hard to sleep.
c) How this non-alcoholic beer may help those who can’t drink milk.
d) How making the bed and doing laundry can end insomnia.
e) The best exercise to do to get to sleep.
f) Massage here to get to sleep.
g) How your computer or IPad may be keeping you up.
h) Ever hear of Melatonin? Well, it’s a hormone and taking it
can cause harm, eat this-it’ll help you create melatonin.
i) Are you over your ideal weight? It could be a lack of sleep.
j) Need to put an to sleep apnea? Do this!
k) Enjoy eating this at night? It could be causing your insomnia.
l) The best pillow to end insomnia
m) Two fruits that help end sleeplessness.
n) The Nut Rx to help you sleep.
o) How your cell phone may be the cause of your insomnia.
p) A special section to help women with their insomnia.
q) The best vitamins to end insomnia.
r) The best mineral to end insomnia.
s) Don’t count sheep- do this instead.
t) Into yoga? Try these moves to get to sleep.
u) Want to look younger? How sleep can help.
v) Have a boy? Help him sleep, by painting his room this color.
w) Try the Tim Tebow remedy to sleep.
x) Lift weights to help you sleep.
y) Concerned about diabetes, cancers or strokes, get less than
6 hrs. of sleep and you raise your risks.
z) Why Napping isn’t just for kids.
Plus, many, more tips, but you must order this newsletter today.

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