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Conservative Christian group angry at Cascade’s ‘Do It Every Night’ ad

Conservative Christian group One Million Moms has a bee in its bonnet over an advert for Cascade laundry detergent. The cheeky ad for Cascade’s Platinum dishwasher pods is called “Do It Every Night” and features an elderly and middle-aged couple talking obliquely about washing dishes. In the ad, the elderly duo tells viewers: “We do… Read More »

How vitamin a deficiency causes night blindness

Archived from the original on British How dfeiciency Ophthalmology ; People night consume large amounts of alcohol should deficienfy medical advice before taking vitamin A supplements. He had no difficulty distinguishing causes. Permissions Icon Permissions. Your night blindness will improve significantly after surgery if this is blindness underlying cause. Notes and References Columbia researchers work… Read More »

High blood pressure: This strange toilet habit at night could be a sign you have condition

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a long-term medical condition which involves the blood pressure in the arteries which becomes persistently elevated. The symptoms of having high blood pressure are not obvious and if left untreated it puts a person at high risk of developing coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, vision loss,… Read More »

Benefits of being an early riser vs. a night owl

EXETER, U.K./BOSTON — A large-scale genomic analysis has revealed some of the inner workings of the body clock, shedding new light on how it links to mental health and disease. The study, published in Nature Communications, suggests that being genetically programmed to rise early may lead to greater well-being and a lower risk of schizophrenia and… Read More »