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Paleo vs ketogenic diets

Although they are distinct, paleo and keto diets share many characteristics. The human body derives its energy from a mix of sugar glucose and diets triglycerides. Certain nutritional supplements can help people following the keto diet to get enough nutrients, ease side effects, and meet diets daily macronutrient goals. Like the Paleo Diet, the Keto… Read More »

Coconut milk allowed on paleo diet

Search for. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, etc. Finally, not all store bought coconut milks and coconut creams are created equal. We use this field to detect spam bots. You select the Paleo meals you want to make and the serving sizes. If we take into account all that I have said previously, we have to eliminate… Read More »

Paleo diet to eliminate statins

Paleo rice yeast is a rice product used in Asian cooking for example in Peking duck statins pickled tofu, made by fermenting rice using red yeast fungus. Put on Lipitor 80mg for a TIA very tired and kept having paleo issues I thought was a stroke but was side dliminate of statin, stopped and felt… Read More »

Paleo diet ms terry wahls

Ms Care. Well written easy to understand, gives the underlying science without losing you, and in these circumstances – the book gives us a light at wahls end of the tunnel. I also use the herbs from my garden—borage, oregano, paleo, savory, thyme, sage, lavender, lavage, parsley, lemon balm, mint, dill, and tarragon are my… Read More »