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Addressing racial disparities in health begins upstream with racial equity in society

This month, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially released an ambitious three-year plan to dismantle structural racism within their organization by addressing past harms and examining institutional roles that uphold these structures. AMA launched this work in 2019, but the events of 2020 and 2021 highlighted the pervasiveness of racial inequity in health care and emphasizing… Read More »

3 Myths About Running and Your Health

Every person who takes up running has been confronted by a “helpful” critic who is more than happy to reel off the reasons running will ruin your life. Here’s a look at three questionable claims about running and health: 1. Running will give you a heart attack or other heart problems. It is true that… Read More »

Health and Getting Outside – What the 2021 Axios Harris Poll 100 Brands Mean for Health/Care

We want to go outside, drive our cars, shop for groceries, stay and get healthy. These are the key themes coming out of the 2021 Axios Harris Poll 100 on the most visible brands with high (and low) reputations among U.S. consumers. In the top-ranked “excellent” and “very good” brands numbered 1 through 50, we… Read More »