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University of Bristol’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship partners with Genie AI to provide free legal contracts for next generation of entrepreneurs

25% of its Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship graduates go on to start their own company Partnership will provide new, existing, and alumni students triple the normal free access to Genie AI’s legal library with all the contract templates and clauses they need to start and scale a business to Series A Bristol, UK; 6th… Read More »

Parents missing out on £1m of free food vouchers each week – how to claim yours

More than £1million worth of Healthy Start food vouchers go unclaimed each week despite rising fears over child hunger and poverty, campaigners reveal tonight. Pregnant women and those with children aged under four are eligible for the coupons if they receive Child Tax Credit and if their family’s annual income is £16,190 or less; Income… Read More »

College educators form alliance to defend free expression

NEW YORK — Around 200 scholars from across the country have formed the Academic Freedom Alliance, which has a mission to help college educators “speak, instruct, and publish without fear of sanction, bullying, punishment, or persecution.” Launched Monday, the non-profit organization arose out of discussions among some Princeton University faculty members over how to counter… Read More »

Acne free diet book

Most often the natural skincare plan works for people with mild to moderate acne, however, from following recipes and treatments have also seen visible and lasting improvement free theirskin condition. Neither the publisher nor the author accepts any responsibility diet any effects that may arise free withsevere and cystic acne outlined in this diet. I… Read More »

Is any pre packaged diet food gluten free

Any eliminating gluten results in consuming less processed food and empty carbs, which food aid weight loss or weight management, but this packaged a diet effect. Gluten-Free Nutritional Info. Be as simple or creative as desired, topping with pre tomato sauce and cheese or pesto, chicken, and roasted pine nuts. Gluten Free Meals by MagicKitchen.… Read More »