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ANOTHER Alzheimer's drug fails: Trials of an experimental treatment cancelled two years early

ANOTHER Alzheimer’s drug fails: Trials of a highly-anticipated experimental treatment cancelled two years early Drugmaker Roche has cancelled two clinical trials of an experimental Alzheimer’s drug, crenezumab  The pair of trials join over 100 failed Alzheimer’s trials  Crenezumab was thought to target harmful protein plaques in the brains of early-stage dementia sufferers But the patients’… Read More »

Kasich veto of abortion 'heartbeat bill' stands as Ohio legislature fails to override it

The Ohio legislature has failed to override a veto by Republican Gov. John Kasich of legislation that would have banned abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The legislature convened in a rare post-Christmas session Thursday to try to override the veto of the legislation, which has been dubbed the “heartbeat bill.” The House… Read More »

Fact: Lower Back Pain Relief Fails

Fact: lower back pain relief does not work. It never has and never will. Can I back this up? Actually you can, if you have used any technique to relieve back pain and your back pain returned again, then you are evidence that back pain relief doesn’t work. Can you change this, is there something… Read More »