MetaDerm Psoriasis Cream Proven to Naturally Heal Itchy Flakey Inflamed Skin and Prevent Future Flares (6.5 oz.)

By | August 5, 2017
MetaDerm Psoriasis Cream Proven to Naturally Heal Itchy Flakey Inflamed Skin and Prevent Future Flares (6.5 oz.)

MetaDerm Psoriasis Natural Moisturizing Cream
MetaDerm Psoriasis Cream is a natural psoriasis treatment specifically developed for psoriasis sufferers. In clinical testing response to MetaDerm was profound. Most users achieved a complete and lasting remission with continued use.
MetaDerm Natural Science & Clinical Studies
MetaDerm’s bioceutical formulation is a combination of botanical extracts derived from medicinal herbs. MetaDerm was Developed using rigorous clinical and scientific studies (see below). MetaDerm’s micronutrients help skin regain health when used as directed. MetaDerm was 1.9 times more effective than betamethasone, and 2.3 times more effective than pimecrolimus in reducing itching, redness, and inflammation Optimal results were observed after 12-weeks.
MetaDerm Clinical Research
American Academy of Dermatology Summer 2011 Meeting, Poster P702 American Academy of Dermatology 2013 Meeting, Poster 6923
How to Use
Apply liberally to affected areas at least twice daily or as needed. Use continuously for at least 12 weeks for optimal benefit. To maintain results, use daily as part of your regular skin care routine. Use with MetaDerm Psoriasis Washes, Psoriasis Scalp Sprays and Psoriasis Soothing Sprays.
What is Psoriasis?
Psoriasis symptoms can include dry, red, scaly, itchy, tender and inflamed skin. Psoriasis can appear anywhere on the body but commonly patients report psoriasis on knees, elbows, legs and back. There is no known cure for psoriasis and the exact cause of psoriasis is not fully understood.Psoriasis treatments can include: psoriasis cream, psoriasis shampoo, psoriasis spray, phototherapy and other, more intense, prescription medications and medical psoriasis treatments.

  • Our new lightweight formula absorbs fast for quick application and long-term psoriasis relief
  • Natural psoriasis cream restores skin health by treating inflammation with 25 powerful botanicals
  • Steroid-free solution provides a safe, effective way to treat and prevent psoriasis flares
  • Clinically proven to relieve symptoms better than many prescription and OTC psoriasis treatments
  • Healing cream for psoriasis helps relieve red, itchy, flaky skin for normal, flare-free skin
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