How To Avoid Falling Asleep During Class

By | February 4, 2018

Being in the midst of a beautiful garden, one feels rejuvenated. With sun casting its magnificent glow over the horizon, birds chirping around bird houses or water fountains, the scene of a clear early morning is simply refreshing. Spend some quality morning time like this and see what a good start it is for your day. Some people do not get time for all this. Many have to attend their same boring class where they succumb to tranquility and fall asleep.

Every one of you might have fallen asleep in class at some point of time in their lives. You may have already attended some classes or perhaps gone through a whole schooling session, but whatever the case is you may have experienced a sleeping session at least once. Whether it’s a boring philosophy class or an intriguing drama class there is a potential to fall asleep no matter what.

However, dozing off in class is quite linked to your level of interest. It can well be caused by your staying up all night. Despite various reasons there are also various ways to combat sleepiness. Here are some tips for staying awake during class.

* Always sit in front or better in the center front. This gives you a feeling that the teacher is constantly watching you. Even when the teacher is not directly looking at you, still you are I everyone’s view. This automatically makes you pay attention. Once your focus is in place, you should not drift into sleep.

* Take notes while in lecture. When writing, you are likely to stay awake. But do not get too carried away with your note taking that you cannot listen to what is being delivered in the lecture.

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* Drawing sketches or doodling also helps when you start losing your interest in class. However, this is not recommended for grade school. You can do it in higher or college level but try this only when the listening skills are exceptional. It is mainly an alternative to taking notes in order to keep your hands busy.

* Change your position from time to time when sitting in the class. You can do this by changing position of your legs or just shift within your seat. At times, changing position of your notebook also helps.

* You can even suck on some candy or chew gum but make sure it is not obtrusive. For instance, munching on a chocolate bar or having a lollipop sticking out of your mouth is really awkward.

* Try to keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. Usually, this is an instinctive reaction when you feel sleepy. After that you will rest your elbows on desk and lean your face against your hands. Never do this while in class as this is an invitation to sleep.

* If nothing works in your favor, better move out of the class rather than being a discipline problem. Get some fresh air and splash some cold water on your face. Certainly, this will refresh you enough so that you can return to class in time.

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