Your Subconscious Mind: The Gateway to Empowerment

By | November 17, 2018

Millions of employees and employers are feeling the stress of incivility in the workplace. It takes a toll on everyone. While you may not be able to change other people’s behavior, you can certainly manage how you react to bad-acting people in the workplace. You can always move to another job or become an entrepreneur, but what if that is not an option? You may be able to retire in a few years or having health benefits is a must for you or your family. Perhaps you want to stay in your job longer for other reasons.

As I discussed in a previous article, hypnosis can help people who are stressed in the workplace. I know how stressful it is to work with people who are unhappy or are mean-spirited. Some of them will do their best to destroy your life and your career. I am all about mastering our stories, instead of our stories mastering us. I hope you feel the same way! If you are considering getting hypnotized to help you manage stressful work environments, the following inputs or suggestions can help you find more balance in your life.

Dawn Westmoreland

After finding a reputable hypnotist or hypnotherapist, you can either work with them in person or by phone. It works equally as well. I have hypnotized many people over the phone with very positive results. I have even been hypnotized over the phone to manage my own stress levels. Coaches and consultants also suffer from stress at times—life happens. As I write this article, a loved one is in recovery from her surgery to remove her cancer, today. Stress has taught me well to take good care of myself so I can help others.

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So, after the hypnotist listens to your concerns or the objectives you want to achieve, they often will ask you for feedback or inputs they can provide you during your hypnosis session. The hypnotist may offer some of their own suggestions, but I highly encourage you to provide some of your own ideas that will support you.

The mind is so very powerful and programmable. It blew me away that I was able to support a 30-year smoker to quit his daily two packs of cigarettes in one hypnosis session. Everyone reacts differently to hypnosis. Some people need more reinforcements or more hypnosis sessions to achieve a goal.

One of my clients faced their bully boss after being hypnotized and let them know their behavior was unacceptable. This client had been deeply traumatized by the abusive behavior of their former supervisor. It gave my client closure that they needed so they could move on with their life. I am always amazed at how powerful we are as human beings and we just have to get our minds to support our goals.

The subconscious mind will accept positive feedback from the hypnotist that can help empower you. Keep in mind, you can modify the suggestions I am sharing to fit your needs and situation. Some of these suggestions were also used on me with great success. Here are some ideas to give your hypnotist:

  • I am courageous in my daily life and at work
  • I am encouraged to be authentic and real at my workplace
  • I am able to manage stress very well in my personal and business life
  • I sleep very well at night and wake up feeling rested in the morning
  • I am energized and happy every day
  • I feel strong and empowered throughout my day
  • I have a strong desire to exercise to keep my mind and body in good shape
  • I am courageous to look for other jobs if needed
  • I am courageous to become an entrepreneur if I desire this route
  • I am able to shake off negative experiences and behavior with ease and grace
  • Life is good and I am worthy of happiness
  • I have the urge to practice mindfulness, pray, meditate for my wellbeing (name your modality)
  • I wake up happy with myself and my life
  • I eat healthy meals and snacks that nourish me
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Try hypnosis if it resonates with you. When you come out of your trance, you will likely feel like you woke up from a warm, fuzzy-feeling nap. It’s the best feeling in the world and so is being happier in your life and workplace!

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