Driving Monitor release a “Covid Passport” for fleets 

By | April 16, 2021

Driving Monitor have been busy developing the UK’s first ‘Fleet Covid Passport’ system to aid the return of fleet driver training, giving companies confidence in the safe delivery of these services. This week has seen a huge surge in fleet driver training now that the UK lockdown restrictions have been eased as of 12th April.

Director of Driving Monitor Kevin Curtis commented, “This upgrade to the exiting ‘Passport to Drive’ system we’ve been running over the past 10 years now gives fleets the extra protection of a Covid-19 vaccination certification programme. Our network of over 500 advanced driver trainers have been logging their vaccination certifications on the system ready for the re-launch as the lockdown restrictions eased this week. I’m proud of the whole team and their efforts in bringing this to market in time. Safety is our number 1 concern at Driving Monitor, and we’ve been combining driver safety and technology together for the last 20 years in fleet risk management, so this was a natural progression to upgrade our Passport to Drive system.”

“We needed to give our customers confidence that our safety standards would not be compromised with the return of driver trainers and drivers entering back into vehicles. Now drivers and fleet managers can access a trainer certificate of vaccination for any course or training session that they are booked on to.”

“On top of this new Fleet Covid Passport system, we are also looking at rolling out Lateral Flow Testing across our network as a further measure to protect our trainers and customers alike.”

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The Driving Monitor fleet risk management programme has been covering the safety of fleets for 20 years now and the Passport to Drive system is at the heart of the compliance tool. Fleets can now combine telematics profiles, accident data, risk assessment & training records, DVLA checks along with a whole host of vehicle and fleet data to give organisations a central portal for driver safety. The concept of the flagship programme means fleet & SHE managers can do away with the multitude of systems and logins and have one simple system giving 100% coverage of their compliance. By upgrading the platform to cover Covid-19 vaccination certification along with Lateral Flow testing the system allows fleets to come out of lockdown in the safest possible way.

The road ahead
Kevin also went on to say, “We’re seeing a move towards compliance and safety as the pandemic evolves and ensuring the safety of both commercial drivers and grey fleet drivers has always been at the core of Driving Monitor. It’s great to see fleet & safety managers taking responsibility in the safe rollout of returning work – and technology and systems will only make things easier to manage in the new world. It’s safe to say we have to adapt to move forward, and our new Driver Monitor ‘App’ is central to delivering a safer working environment for employees who need to drive for work.”

For more information on the Fleet Covid Passport you can visit www.drivingmonitor.com.


Note to editors:

About Driving Monitor
Driving Monitor are the UK’s leading supplier of web-based driver risk management solutions. Setup in 2001 as a web platform for fleet managers, Driving Monitor gives business owners a full platform to cover their corporate Duty of Care. From driving licence checks, driver risk assessments and Grey Fleet checking – the system pulls together many different systems into one central platform giving managers simple dashboards to view their employees’ driver risk rating.

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About Kevin Curtis
Kevin Curtis heads up Driving Monitor, which specialises in driver risk management systems via online web services and traditional on-road driver safety programmes. Kevin has been working in the digital media industry since 1997 and works with blue chip companies and SMEs to reduce their vehicle insurance premiums and helps businesses meet their duty-of-care obligations.

Kevin is also Technical Director of the ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification) and heads up the integration team working with the DVLA to ensure the digital licence checking service is meeting customer requirements for road safety.

For further information please contact:
Kevin Curtis
Managing Director, Driving Monitor

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