What’s The Fastest Way To Cure A Cold Sore? – Best And Fast Working Remedies For Cold Sores

By | June 29, 2017

I just got a cold sore yesterday (again grrr!) It sucks too because I’m going to a dace to night. Anyway my cold sores tend to last for up to almost two weeks and there a pain in the butt! Does anybody know anything to treat a cold sore with and if so, what is the best and fasting working thing? What’s the fastest way to cure a cold sore ?

If you have a cold sore and is looking for good, fast and effective ways to treat it , then here are some few tips that might help you out:

Try Abreva, Put Carmex on it. I used it and saw improvements really fast. There are creams and ointments you can buy at your local pharmacy designed specifically to treat cold sores. That is if that is indeed a cold sore. Aloe or those like chapstick things (blistex or something). Take a hot bath and a tea with lemon. If I was you with a gold sore that I want to get rid of would use carmex thats what I use. Abreva does work, and within a few days my cold sore was gone instead of the week or 2 it normally takes.

If you have trouble with frequent cold sores, you might want to try to figure out what you are doing or eating/drinking that is causing them, and take steps to avoid that. I think the stuff I called Zovirax really effective stuff works within days. Take tons of L-lysine, and put salt water on it.

I used to get them really bad and whenever I had one I’d take loads and loads of vitamin c. the body can’t store a lot so take a vitamin c pill every 4 hrs or so. Now I take a one a day vitamin c pill and I don’t even get them anymore so try that too.

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I also found that after a while zovirax didn’t work as well on mine, I tried Lypsil cold sore gel and it was great, it really dries the cold sore out so it won’t be pussy and also it stops a lot of the pain, plus its cheaper than zovirax and it’s a clear gel so you can put loads on to fully cover the cold sore and no one will be able to tell.

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