Weight Loss Stupidity

By | January 24, 2018

It’s Insanity

Why is it that weight loss inspires ordinary, intelligent people to do such completely stupid things? Why? – I’ll tell you why, because when it comes to vanity – Good sense and reason take over and get replaced with crazy, insane and illogical attempts to claw one’s youth back, well after young age has past.

Men Are Bad

Women Are Worse

Men are vain, but women are something beyond description.

Like a cat on a tin roof trying to claw it’s way back to the top, women just won’t let go, where’s the grace in a eighty year old women getting liposuction? – No Grace Whatsoever!

I’m Angry

Surprise, surprise, you say, but wait – There are young girls growing up all over the world and I hate to say this but the generation preceding them have let them down – BIG TIME

You’ll be more than just hard pressed to find a woman actor over 40 who hasn’t been chopped, nipped tucked and sucked fatless all for the sake of vanity, in fact you’d be “pressed thin”.


It’s pressure or more accurately the inability to deal with outward pressures to conform to a set body
image – Well, that’s just weakness isn’t it?

Women of the world need to start burning a few more bra’s and standing up and saying “no more”.

Don’t Worry Guy’s I’m Getting To You

Men, you make me feel ill – Yes that’s right my fellow brethren are making me sick to my stomach.

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Do you want your Daughters, Sisters and Mothers to conform to what you want?

It’s time to cut the shallow bull and take a good look out ourselves as the impotent, imperfect individuals that we are.

Who are we to demand perfection, when we over eat, over drink and do nothing but expect and demand.

Well, busted I say, I’m calling out my fellow males to show some guts and take it on board. It’s time to stop the weight loss stupidity -It’s time to wise up to ourselves before it’s too late.

If we carry on this shallow, superficial crap for too long we’ll all be spending every cent of free time with a mirror in one hand and a 2 calorie rice cracker in the other. Wise up people!

Do you like seeing young girls with anorexia?

Do you like seeing 10 year old girls with Bulimia?

Do you want grandma to get a stomach staple and cheek implants.

For the love of humankind I hope not.

If we don’t act now to stop the weight loss stupidity then we’ll live in the land of weight loss
insanity…..or are we already there?

Weight loss is no joke – It can debilitate in the hands of pure stupidity – Unfortunately weight loss bring on stupidity in large volumes.

A line needs to be draw by the individual and certain deeper more poignant issues may need to be dealt with instead of just the superficiality of one’s looks and appearances.

For some sensible, healthy ways to lose some fat check out Sensible Ways To Lose Weight

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