Vibactra – All-Natural Antibiotic Alternative for Pets (1oz)

By | May 28, 2017
Vibactra - All-Natural Antibiotic Alternative for Pets (1oz)

VIBACTRA is an HERBAL, ORGANIC, NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC Alternative WITH ANTIOXIDANTS That May Help Your Pet Overcome VIRAL, FUNGAL AND BACTERIAL INFECTIONS! An all natural dietary supplement antibiotic alternative for those who prefer a natural, organic and edifying approach. Vibactra plays a key role in attenuating a variety of infections. As always, consult with your veterinarian health care provider. Some infections require immediate attention and treatment should NOT be postponed. There are many diseases and infections that can get hold of your pet. They can hit at a time least expected. Being prepared and having Vibactra on hand can help save your pet’s life.

  • Helps with respiratory infections, viral and bacterial.
  • Helps fight allergies
  • Supports the immune functions
  • Breaks fevers
  • Helps fight acute conditions from the body more quickly

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