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Residential school remains could reveal how 215 children lived — and died, experts say

Breadcrumb Trail Links News National Health Canadian Politics Canada A team might be able to identify — just from bones — the signs of disease like tuberculosis, evidence of abuse or malnutrition. DNA would provide more information Author of the article: Tom Blackwell Publishing date: Jun 02, 2021  •  6 days ago  •  5 minute read… Read More »

School in Bali allows students to pay tuition with coconuts, plant leaves

This is coco-nuts. A school in Bali has allowed its students to pay for their degrees in coconuts due to the financial hardships inflicted by COVID-19., The Venus One Tourism Academy in Tegalalang, Bali, has offered its students a relaxed payment that originally let them pay in installments. “Initially, the tuition payment scheme was paid… Read More »

School of Medicine officially welcomes the Class of 2024 to Wayne State – The South End

Dean Mark E. Schweitzer, M.D., addresses the students at one of several sessions hosted by the School of Medicine’s Office of Student Affairs, at Chevrolet Plaza in Detroit. For Jacob Hoofman, the feeling of being one giant leap closer to his dreams is “one of the greatest feelings in the world.” Hoofman grew up in… Read More »