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A Tale Of Four Cities: Wuhan, Seattle, New York, Chicago

A new study from Northwestern University in Chicago, available as an unreviewed pre-print, identifies three distinct strains of SARS-CoV-2 currently circulating in Chicago. The three strains, called clades, can be distinguished from one another by the sequence of viral RNA. The variant the authors call clade 2 was introduced into Chicago in mid-January 2020 by a… Read More »

Bacon and ready-to-eat turkey products recalled in four states

Blue Grass Quality Meats is recalling 121,083 pounds of the products because they contain soy, an allergen that’s not declared on the product labels, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Friday. The bacon and turkey breast items — all Cajun style — were produced on various dates between October 29,… Read More »

From mulled wine to singing carols: Four ways Christmas can be good for you

Four ways Christmas can be good for you: Mulled wine for your heart, carols for your lungs and more benefits of the holiday spirit DailyMail.com reveals four hidden health benefits of the Christmas season Mulled wine has antioxidants and nutrients that can reduce risk of heart disease Giving gifts to charity activates regions of the… Read More »