Pregnancy Acne

By | December 31, 2017

When a woman is pregnant, she is experiencing a hormonal imbalance that. She tends to produce more androgenic hormones like the progesterone which causes the more production of oil. And the oil, when trapped in your pores by dead skin cells with the combination of growth of bacteria, creates pimples. In that case, the more oil you produce because of your unstable hormones, the more the possibilities that you will have acne.

Unfortunately, since it is hormonal unevenness, you cannot control and avert it. Here are some information and tips that can help you answer your questions about the acne that you get in pregnancy.

1. The acne pregnancy is most visible in the first trimester of your pregnancy. However, do not expect it to be completely gone after your first trimester. If not handled well, the acne will worsen even after that certain time.

2. You should be wary about the medication you undertake in duration of your pregnancy. It might contain some chemicals that are not likely for your situation and worse, can affect your baby. Natural remedies are most likely for you.

3. It is important that you care for your hygiene. It will be good if you wash your face more often to remove the excess oil and some dead skin cells.

4. Do not be too conscious to the point you will lose your confidence. What you are experiencing is also experienced by many other pregnant women. And it is normal. Just be proud that youll soon be a mom and you are proud to be one.

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5. Healthy diet is very essential as well. Besides of the fact that it will make your baby healthy, it is also one of the natural ways you can consider as a natural remedy. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will be very good for your skin.

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