Making Your Own Diet

By | November 19, 2016

Do you want a great body? If so, then that’s the reason why you are looking for diets… is it because you want to lose weight and get fit? you are probably not using the right technique, and you feel hopeless that you have tried diet after diet with no result. Have you ever been in a scenario in which you were only supposed to eat salads, and you have avoided any kind of meat and fat? Do you think that’s what you are supposed to do to lose weight? Let me tell you how it works, and why those diets still fail. you need to put a bit of thought into this. This tutorial is not to waste your time, but it will guide you and help you how to build a quick weight loss diet. Now, let’s get serious.


*Eating low carbohydrates: Useless, strict and it will make your life miserable. Of course, you will be able to to take off some pounds, but the moment you quit the diet, you regain all that weight.

*Low Fat: they mainly have some hidden calories in these products. lets get something straight… Low fat fat foods DO NOT equal weight loss (crazy huh?)

*Starvation: this is just crazy, don’t do it. you CANNOT lose weight and stay healthy by starving yourself.

*Pre-package diet programs: Yeah, you have bi zillion of these on TV ads. they cost around 500$ to maintain; that’s pretty much the entire monthly grocery cost. how does this make any sense?

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do you know that you are eating bad foods? are you still seeking for McDonald’s? do you eat the right times a day? are you eating empty calories while you are watching your favorite show? have you done any exercise? walking the dog is a good start! Notice that i have mainly asked about nutrition…this is because 80% of the battle is what you eat and 20% is exercise (NOTE: Do NOT leave exercise behind because it is also important!) The food that you eat will make you lose weight, or gain weight…it’s all up to you.

We’ve been told that by eating our breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday is a common basic thought. However, there is more into that…eating 3 meals a day is NOT healthy for our body. How does 5 meals a day sound?

(NOTE: This does NOT mean that you should go on a feeding frenzy!)

Let’s get it straight, if you eat smaller meals and the right foods, you can actually eat more and lose weight. You have to acknowledge your own body in order to get a better metabolism metabolism. , and create your own weight loss diet pace. Around 70% of the the entire country of the U.S is overweight..that’s 270 MILLION. But the rest of the world is not as different, following with a 60% total population.This number continue growing because people are eating more bad food every day. Most diet’s simply fail because they are burst diets. In a few words, you lose weight but the weight is easily reintroduced. This happens because the weight you have lost is mainly water… Obviously this is not a long term diet you can rely on.

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There is this product called Strip That Fat, and to be serious it actually works. They say that around 7 days you will see a noticeable difference, but you will actually see noticeable results in 2 weeks. or so…still it is a product that is confident that their idea is going to be a success,and i think it will because it is not a fraud. have learned lots of things, being the most important “Eat Fat o Lose Fat” (kind of crazy huh? but it is true…talk to any nutritionist) , and also to avoid sugars and processed foods. some “fats” that you should have are eggs, nuts, almonds, olive oil (even bacon…YES BACON, but in short amounts though; around two strips is just enough), and the list goes on and on. There are more than 40,000 combination of foods that i can choose of. I wouldn’t call this a diet because it doesn’t take over my life; I am still in control, have more energy, a clearer mind, and actually a noticeable increase in happiness!

The Best Diet is Your Own Diet!

Do not give up, having a good body is not as hard as it seems… you just have to believe in yourself. Now, keep your face up and go on.

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