Liquid Vitamins: How are they better?

By | March 22, 2017

There is more than one way in which our bodies can absorb valuable nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Obviously, we take in these nutrients through our diet – and we can also take vitamin supplements to make up for the nutrients missing from or deficient in our diets.

There are different ways to take vitamin supplements and one of the more popular methods is to take liquid vitamins. But are there any disadvantages to taking vitamins in liquid form; and if so, are these outweighed by the advantages which liquid vitamins offer? In this article, we’ll answer these questions.

Easier Vitamin Absorption for Kids

While they’re not sweetened and fruit flavored as are chewable tablets aimed at children, liquid vitamins are easier for the body to absorb. Liquid vitamins also pose no choking hazard as do tablets (a rare but tragic event).

Many adults also find liquid vitamins to be preferable, especially if they happen to have digestive problems or have lost the ability to control their jaws due to illness.

Liquid Vitamins are More Effective

Unlike vitamin tablets or pills, the nutrients in liquid vitamins are almost instantly taken up into the bloodstream and used by the body. The rate of absorption with liquid vitamins is between 90% and 98%. The concentration of liquid vitamins is as much as three times higher than that found in other types of vitamin supplements, so there are more of the essential nutrients to begin with.

Antioxidants and Liquid Vitamins

Do liquid vitamins contain antioxidants? For antioxidants are essential to preserving health in preventing many diseases by stimulating the immune system to function at peak efficiency. Some of these antioxidants are also vitamins (the vitamins A, C and E are all powerful antioxidants).

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The answer to this question is yes – liquid vitamins contain all three of these important nutrients which we cannot produce in our own bodies.

Liquid Vitamins and Digestive Acids

You may hear it said that liquid vitamins are ineffective since they are destroyed by stomach acids, with the body being unable to absorb these vitamins since it does not take them in the course of normal digestion. As it happens, liquid vitamins are not destroyed by stomach acids and are absorbed much more easily than are the vitamins and minerals contained in pills and tablets.

Before your body can derive any benefit from vitamin supplements in pill or tablet form, the tablet or pill must first be broken down by the digestive system. The result is that often as little as 30% of the nutrients in these supplements are available to the body. However, liquid vitamins are easily absorbed with 90% and up being taken up almost immediately.

Liquid vitamins are not destroyed by the digestive process; the function of your digestion is to break down food and allow your body to use the nutrients contained.

Are Liquid Vitamins Toxic?

Something else you may have heard about liquid vitamins is that the mineral content of these vitamin supplements makes them toxic: but is this true?

The fact is that there is no food which does not contain some trace amount of minerals. In fact, many minerals are also essential nutrients. Even those which are not essential are in small quantities which are not toxic. Let’s take an apple for example. An average apple contains about 21 micrograms of aluminum (which shouldn’t surprise you – aluminum is one of the most common elements). However, have you heard anyone warning you away from eating apples? Quite the opposite is the case.

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Liquid vitamins do contain trace minerals, which does not mean that they are bad for your health. A lot of the trace minerals found in liquid vitamins are actually important nutrients.

You Have a Choice

In the end, the choice of liquid vitamins or vitamin supplements in pill or tablet form is up to you. You need to decide for yourself which is a better fit for your needs.

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