Herbal And Natural Treatment Helpful In Curing Insomnia

By | August 20, 2017

Insomnia is a condition where a person faces difficulty or is unable to fall asleep. The main causes of insomnia can be considered as – tension, anxiety, stress, suppressed anger, hurt, guilt, resentment, constipation, overeating, excessive tea or coffee intake, smoking, etc. In severe cases a person has to take sleeping pills in order to sleep. In the following section you will find some useful tips on insomnia herbal treatment.

Natural Remedies

1. Drinking a cup of milk with a little honey is one of the effective natural remedies.

2. Take powdered nutmeg before going to sleep every night. This is a wonderful cure of insomnia herbal treatment.

3. Application of hot packs to the spine and having hot footbaths in an effective remedy of insomnia herbal treatment.

4. Intake of Aaram capsules is recommended for use in insomnia.

5. Grind the root of pipali plant and obtain the powder. Mix 1tsp of this powder in a glassful of warm milk. Take it with jaggery regularly at night.

6. Mash a ripe banana, add roasted cumin seeds and mix well. Take this before going to bed. It is one of best insomnia natural remedies.

7. Take 1tsp of fresh juice of valerian wallichi at bedtime to ensure sound sleep.

8. Take 1tsp of celery juice with stalks and honey daily before going to bed.

9. Take raw onion salad daily to cure the problem of sleeplessness.

10. Combine 2tsps of fenugreek juice with 1tsp of honey. Take 1tsp of this mixture every night to cure the problem of sleeplessness. It is one of most effective insomnia natural remedies.

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11. Daily exercise ensures good sleep. Include some forms of exercise like walking, jogging, skipping and swimming into your daily routine. Practice yoga/ meditation to stay way from stress.

12. Take 3 cups of curd daily to deal with problem of sleeplessness.

13. Mix bottle gourd juice with sesame oil in equal quantities. Massage onto the scalp every night to have sound sleep.

14. Include vitamin B enriched foods like wholegrain cereals, pulses, and nuts in your daily diet.

15. Boil aniseed in water. Strain the water and drink when warm. You can also add hot milk and honey to it.

16. Milk extracted from poppy seeds is also an excellent insomnia natural remedy.

Hence we can conclude that following the insomnia natural remedies mentioned above we can find solutions to deal with the problem of insomnia.

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