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By | June 16, 2017

It’s truly a great thing to own a happy and healthy dog. You get to enjoy many memorable days together; but of course, you must also see to it that you take care of him the best way you can. Understanding the right dog pain relievers to use and to avoid is essential to shield him from potential harm. Read on to get valuable information on this important topic.

Alright, you have a dog in pain-what’s the reason? You have to know the source of his suffering so you can deal with it and eliminate it from the animal’s life. I mean, you can’t administer a strong dog pain medicine if all your dog is experiencing is minor inconveniences of tick bites. If your dog seems to be in the throes of a sickness more serious in nature, you need to have him checked by a licensed vet right away.

If your pet’s discomfort is not medically critical, you can use a lot of natural remedies to treat it. Peppermint or Ginger essences for instance, take away car sickness. A few drops of lavender, valerian or chamomile oil on his fur and collar can also reduce his stress levels significantly.

Matted fur that cause “hot spots” and tick bites are prevalent causes of nuisance for the animal. Provide soothing comfort by applying a blend of water and tea tree oil on the irritated area. Have a bottle of some Eucalyptus spray ready and mist it all over your dog to repel the parasites from him. It will also leave your dog smelling fresh and clean. Use herbal based formulations in treating your dog’s flea problems as much as possible.

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Another source of pain that animals feel is stress. Some of the best ways to address this is through a massage or brushing out their coat. Massages stimulate blood flow, like brushing. The good thing about combing out their hair is that you also get the chance to check for any wounds or lesions. Aloe Vera is an excellent ointment to rub on these cuts.

Human medication should never be used as dog pain medicine at any time. The medicine that we use, no matter how mild we may think it is, contain chemicals that are too strong for animals. There are people who sometimes use Aspirin for their dogs in small amounts; but Aspirin can result in ulcers. Moreover, it also thins the bloodstream, endangering the life of an animal recuperating from surgery.

Now, if your dog’s condition is not improved with these natural treatments, then you need to go to the vet and have him administer a safe dosage of a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug to your dog. These are safe for the most part but there can still be a chance that a few dogs experience adverse side effects. NSAIDs are most effective when used in conjunction with a dietary supplement.

Using these simple and effective dog pain relievers will help see to it your dog experience an amazing quality of life thanks to you. Take the necessary care in managing his diet and exercise and a healthy, happy dog is yours for the asking!

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