Chief Kidney Doctors Approved Diet For Kidney Disease Patients

By | August 23, 2017

So you’ve been diagnosed with kidney disease. More than likely your kidneys are damaged and are no longer working as well as before. The first thing your doctor will do is put you on a strict diet for kidney disease patients. You must ensure that you do not work your kidneys as hard as before. The only way to do this is by eating the right foods. If you do not start now with your kidney diet, it’s probably inevitable you will be heading for kidney failure. This obviously is a life threatening problem.

High Protein

Protein is the raw material used for tissue repair and regeneration of damaged muscle fibers. The by-product of the metabolism is urea. In normal individuals, the urea can easily leave the body through the filtering capacity of the kidney. However, when you have a kidney problem, you should reduce your protein intake since urea can build up in the blood and lead to toxic effects. For your diet for kidney disease patients, take meat, beans, legumes, and milk in moderation.

Increased Salt Consumption

Like high protein levels, when dealing with kidney disease, watching your salt consumption is also important. High levels of sodium in the blood can lead to more water retention in the blood stream thus causing high blood pressure. If your kidneys are weak, it’s very difficult for them to filter the blood which will lead to many other problems. As part of a diet for kidney patients you need to reduce your sodium intake by avoiding processed foods, canned goods, and foods with high preservatives. By lowering your sodium intake, your kidneys will be able to function better making you feel better all around.

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The main purpose of the diet is to control your protein and protein intake. It does not mean for you to eradicate them from your meals. Keep in mind that all you need is to take everything in moderation to be successful in your diet for kidney disease patients.

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