Bluestem Oral Care Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats, Freshens Breath, Fights Plaque And Reduces Tartar, Chicken Flavor 2.5 oz

By | March 29, 2017
Bluestem Oral Care Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats, Freshens Breath, Fights Plaque And Reduces Tartar, Chicken Flavor 2.5 oz

Don’t let your pet’s bad breath bother you. Your pets need your tender love and care, so don’t let bad breath be a deterrent. Just like humans, pets need their teeth brushed too. The good news is that Bluestem Oral Care has developed a scientifically formulated toothpaste for both dogs and cats. Bluestem Toothpaste helps keep their teeth and gums healthy while freshening their breath. How Does It Work? Your pet’s bad breath is just a symptom of a larger problem. Plaque buildup and bacteria grow in your pet’s mouth, causing issues to their health. We know brushing your pets teeth isn’t always a daily option, but when consistently used, bluestem oral care products can help reduce tartar by 25.4%. Bluestem products are also the only products that contain Coactiv+ technology, a unique formulation of food-grade ingredients scientifically developed to breakdown biofilm-where harmful bacteria multiplies. Bluestem oral care products also contain 100% food grade ingredients. All ingredients are approved by Health Canada’s LRVHP program, as well as follow AAFCO guidelines. Bluestem products are also tested to ensure it is suitable for daily use for dogs and cats of all ages, and is proven to help ensure your pet has healthy teeth and gums. The pet-friendly chicken flavor also makes this toothpaste enjoyable for your dogs and cats. The chicken flavor helps your pet enjoy the process, while you enjoy taking care of your pet. Our product comes with an optimized dual head toothbrush for your pets so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a toothbrush for your pets. This dual head design also allows you to brush the inside and outside of the teeth at the same time. We’ve got you covered. Prioritize your pet’s dental hygiene. Show them that you care. The bad breath of your pets will be a thing of the past. You’ll enjoy more time cuddling your furry friends and they’ll love you for it. Go and choose bluestem oral care today.

  • SUPERIOR ORAL HYGIENE: Improves oral hygiene for both dogs and cats as it freshens breath, fights plaque, and reduces tartar for a healthier and happier pet
  • DUAL HEAD TOOTHBRUSH: Bluestem toothpaste comes with a dual head toothbrush for your pets, so you can effectively clean both the inside and outside of your pet’s teeth
  • COACTIV PLUS TECHNOLOGY: The Patent-Pending Coactiv Plus technology helps breaks down biofilm (plaque) to reduce the plaque and bacteria buildup on your pet’s teeth
  • SAFELY FORMULATED FOR YOUR PETS: Bluestem toothpaste is formulated using 100% food grade quality ingredients, making it safe and healthy for your pet
  • CHICKEN FLAVOR: This pet-friendly flavor will allow your pet to enjoy the process, while ensuring their health
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