Basics Of The U.S. Health Care System

By | March 21, 2017
Basics Of The U.S. Health Care System

Basics of the U.S. Health Care System, Second Edition provides students with a broad, fundamental introduction to the workings of the healthcare industry. Engaging and activities-oriented, the text offers an especially accessible overview of the major concepts of healthcare operations, the role of government, public and private financing, as well as ethical and legal issues. Each chapter features review exercises and Web resources that make studying this complex industry both enjoyable and easy. Students of various disciplines―including healthcare administration, business, nursing, public health, and others―will discover in Basics of the U.S. Health Care System, Second Edition a practical guide that prepares them for professional opportunities in this rapidly growing sector. The Second Edition has been updated substantially to reflect the passage and implementation of the health care reform act of 2010, as well as new information on information technology, Medicare, Medicaid, and much more. Basics of the U.S. Health Care System features: • A new chapter on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 • A complete overview of basic concepts of the U.S. healthcare system • Student activities including crossword puzzles and vocabulary reviews in each chapter • Helpful case studies • PowerPoint slides, TestBank, and Instructor’s Manual for instructors • Online flashcards, crosswords, and an interactive glossary for students

  • Basics of the U.S Health Care System

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