Are All Fish Oil Tablets The Same ? You Have To Be Joking

By | February 12, 2018

Before we get into details of the question “Are all fish oil tablets the same?” let me ask you one simple question. Are your hands (besides they being mirror image of each other) same?

It is a medically proven fact that no two hands can be same – for sure, they will have difference in their fingerprints. Same holds true for fish supplements too. Therefore, are all fish oil tablets the same? No, two brands of fishoil can never be same. One is always better than the other is.

Below are the few parameters that can help you gauge the quality of the soft gels and thus will help in finding answer to question are all fish oil tablets the same –

1.DHA to EPA omega3 fats ratio Experts recommend that 1000mg of oil should have at least 250mg of DHA and 120mg of EPA. In addition, DHA to EPA ratio should be 2:1. However, because EPA is easy to concentrate, many supplements available in the market have high amounts of EPA than the most vital DHA omega3 fats.

2.Purity With the increase of pollution in the ocean waters, fish and hence the oil extracted from them tainted fish have high toxicity if proper refining techniques were not used during their manufacturing. Molecular distillation is the only known filtering process that can remove all the unwanted and harmful toxins from the oil. However, it quite an expensive process, therefore, many manufacturers choose to skip the same.

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3.Freshness Fish are prone to oxidation. They result in rancid oil if manufacturers do not handle properly before extracting the oil from them. Manufactures many a times, to hide their mistakes add strong artificial fragrance like lime to suppress the rancid odor of the oil. Fresh smells like ocean water.

4.Cost To increase their profit margins many companies spend hefty money on advertisement campaigns. This adds the cost of their production and they have to increase their prices. A bottle of good quality supplements that is sufficient for one-month costs less than $ 20.

5.Independent reviews of the product Third party analysis gives a clear and true picture about the quality of the oil. Buy back policy, good customer care are also indicators of the high ethics, intentions and confidence on the quality of the manufacturer.

With this information in hand, I am sure that you will agree with me on the fact that one has to be joking if she asks are all fish oil tablets the same even in her dreams. Your next step should be use above information and select a high quality supplement for you and your family.

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Chuck Blake is an active researcher and consumer of fish oil products.Visit his website today to learn more about the powerful benefits of omega-3 fish oils.

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