Anti Inflammatory Diet [Second Edition]: Recipes for Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Disease

By | October 6, 2016
Anti Inflammatory Diet [Second Edition]: Recipes for Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Disease

Anti Inflammatory Diet
[Second Edition] The Best Anti Inflammatory Foods and Anti Inflammatory Diet to Keep You Healthy ——— Now [Second Edition], with the following changes: * New introductory section: “Why Go On an Anti Inflammatory Diet?” * Nearly 4000 words of new recipes. * Improved formatting and editing ——— Inflammation has been linked to a number of health problems, including: Cardiac Diseases — Congestive heart failure, arterial diseases, and many other heart disorders have been linked to inflammation, as the deposits of fat and hormones in the body can cause swelling – which leads to many other problems. Cancer — Chronic inflammation is one of the many causes of tumor formation, as well as the spread of free radicals and carcinogens. Weight Gain — Food that isn’t digested properly will lead to all kinds of problems, including inflammation caused by obesity. When you weigh more than you should, more pressure is placed on your body than it can handle. Your muscles and joints swell up in order to protect your body. Joint Pain — Arthritis is just one of the many health problems that can be caused by swelling of the joints, but suffice it to say that all joint issues can be very painful and debilitating. Inflammation is something that you should avoid at all costs, so it’s in your best interests to do what you can to avoid this problem. The food you eat will have a huge effect on your body, and the wrong foods can cause all kinds of inflammation. If you want to stay healthy, it’s important that you eat from only the list of anti inflammatory foods! The natural anti inflammatory foods included in the anti inflammatory diet recipes in this book will keep you healthy and strong! You’ll be amazed at all the natural anti inflammatories that you can find in nature, and they’ll be a wonderful addition to your anti inflammatory diet menu.

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