What Meghan has made Harry give up

By | December 18, 2018

Meghan Markle is continuing to rub off on her husband, with fresh reports revealing Prince Harry is eating “less meat” since they tied the knot.

The 34-year-old is apparently following the same vegan diet his animal-loving wife adopts, The Mirror reports.

“Meghan is a keen animal lover and likes to eat vegan during the week and she has a strict no-fur policy,” an insider told the publication.

“She has also been encouraging Harry to eat less meat and more fruit and veg.”

As well as being meat free, veganism restricts followers from eating any animal-derived ingredients, such as eggs, milk and cheese.

It’s being suggested the reason for the dramatic diet change is because he’s trying to be healthier ahead of the couple’s first child being born next year.

It comes just days after it was claimed pregnant Meghan, 37, issued her husband with an ultimatum about the royal family’s Boxing Day tradition of pheasant shooting.

Despite Harry taking part in the festive activity for more than 20 years alongside older brother William, he’s set to give it a miss this year as it goes against Meghan’s beliefs.

The family tradition is said to have first caused problems last year when Harry took part in a wild boar hunt in Germany.

“Meghan wasn’t happy when she found out what Harry had been up to,” an insider told The Sun.

“It upset her to think of him killing a defenceless animal.”

However, it seems the pair, who famously became engaged while enjoying a roast chicken, won’t be giving up meat for good.

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Meghan only follows a vegan diet during the week, meaning their much-loved chicken dishes can be enjoyed on weekends.

But it’s not the only food the Duchess of Sussex doesn’t like to eat.

During their royal visit of Australia, Meghan declined to try finger limes, a native ingredient commonly found in Queensland.

However this was reportedly down to the fact she is pregnant and didn’t want to take any risks.

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