Sudden depression

By | July 20, 2017

Depression is a mental chaos where the person would experience lack of interest and pleasure in doing regular things they used to do and frequently found in low mood. This can happen to anyone of us despite of time and place. The reasons for depressions can be of tragedy or by compounded and persistent stress from work, things around, friends, or anyone. Sometimes depression can be sudden. And, symptoms may include insomnia, weight changes, agitation, fatigue, guilt feeling, brain fog, and death thoughts.

There are two ways in treating depression. By taking the respective person to a well versed psychologist or taking him/her to a friend who is a good listener. The other way of treating is by using anti anxiety medicines, which is unmatched for treating the depression.

Although, the anti anxiety medicines are the best in the treatment of depression, there are a few things you should be careful while dealing these chemically injected things. Some of them are:

=> Dosage vigilance: Any anti anxiety medicines have a point specific dosage recommended by the physician. And to receive the maximum benefit for the patients due vigilance and respecting doctor’s order is necessary. Else, the effectiveness of the medicine can slow down and can cause harm.

=> Partial Treatment: These anti anxiety drugs are usually prescribed with a pill which will not be helpful in eliminating depression. It should be combined with other treatments.

There are a few side effects which you should be careful while using these drugs. Some of them are:

=> Headache: This is the most commonly found side-effect

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=> Stomach Complaints: This is the other common side-effect experienced by many people

=> Dizziness: Since, they are depressants; people might feel drowsy or dizzy.

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