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People around the world often overlook pain in back. A person takes a mild pain for years and eventually the situation gets worsened. Back pain can be there because of varied reasons. If detected on time, serious conditions such as herniated disc can be completely cured with the help of medical supervision and team of experts for herniated disc treatment Greenville. While medication, therapies and surgery all are available, one can take up a few cautions and develop good habits to avoid and cure back pain with this read.

In majority of cases, the underlying reason of back pain is behavioral, psychological factors. According to the team of medical practitioners for Herniated disc treatment Cary, you should take care of your back whatever you do from sitting to standing to walking. Tips that are easy to follow and are remarkably effective have been mentioned ahead.

Watch your posture- You are supposed to sit or stand for long hours. But do you sit right? Now question arises if it is rocket science to sit. It is not rocket science though; still some science is there behind this. It happens with thousands of people. They don’t pay attention to their posture whatever they do. Slowly and gradually the disc leaves its place and pain is deeply imbibed in your life. Before this happens you should learn to stand and sit.

Bend right- When you visit a physician for discussing your pain, he will ask you first if you lifted some weight recently. Reason behind this is most of the people bend their back improperly. Owing to this some muscle or nerve gets hurt and pain is felt. The right way to bend is to bend by knees and not by the back.

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Keep moving- When you feel pain in back, do not take bed rest. Instead one should keep moving and then relax in short intervals. Not doing this will cause numbness.

Develop strength- Eat right food and exercise regularly to stay strong.

Work ergonomically- In offices or home when you work, you should check out the relative positions of your PC, mouse, and eyes. While you sit, your feet should be firmly placed on ground.

Say no to high heels- Love of women for high heels is widespread. But unfortunately high heels are not good for your spine health. So either replace your shoe collection or restrict their use for some special occasions.

Keep weight under control- Being overweight brings you in the danger zone. Spinal cord is pressurized with your own weight; it can get ruptured and hurt.

Your life is what you make it. So pain management is not impossible to execute if you are really keen.

Dr. Viren Desai

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