Check Out the Homemade Remedies for Allergies

By | May 25, 2017

Just like others even you want to enjoy the warm sunny weather and the pleasant cool breeze- but you can barely enjoy it. Right? The sunny weather gives you skin rashes, the smell of freshly cut grass gives you watery eyes, and the cool breeze carrying the fragrance of fresh flowers troubles you with inhalation problems. Do you know that all these symptoms are enough to show that you are suffering from allergies and should get a fast remedy? So here I have come to provide you with the best homemade remedies that will cure allergies instantly.

Homemade natural remedies for allergy

The best part of these homemade allergy-relief remedies is that it is present in your kitchen pantry. To begin with the natural remedies green tea is the best option. It is a natural antihistamine that you can drink as one or two cups a day for getting the required results. Honey can be a real natural remedy for combating with allergies. Local honey aids you to become resistant to pollens that might cause allergies. Chamomile tea is also a natural antihistamine that one can drink at least one or two cups a day specially after sweetening it with honey.

Other homemade allergy-relief items can include ginger obtained from peeling and crushing one-inch piece of fresh ginger roots. Ginger can act both as a natural antihistamine and also a mild decongestant. Garlic, on the other hand helps stimulate the functioning of immune system so you can not only add it in your cooking but also serve it with salads and salad dressings. Iced Peppermint tea, Ephedra and Eucalyptus can be effective if you are suffering from allergies like coughs and congestions. The other three useful homemade remedies for reducing allergies are Oatmeal, Thyme and Apple Cider Vinegar. Whether its itching, sneezing or inhalation problems, these can provide instant remedy to heal your allergy.

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Natural medication for allergies

SOS Histadrops is a medicated item that you can keep at home to fight against allergies. Histadrops contains herbal elements like Plantago Lanceolata, Allium Cepa C30 and Ars. iod. C30. These herbal elements reduce allergic rhinitis or any type of allergic reactions caused by allergens like pollen, grass seeds, animal dander, dusts and mites.

Keep these homemade remedies ready at hand to escape from all types of allergies.

Other effective treatments for allergies

Another common treatment for allergies is using a set of medications called antihistamines, which prevent the formation of histamines that are the main cause of allergy. The best example of such antihistamine is Benadryl that will reduce your allergies effectively. The other common over-the-counter drugs that are required for treating allergies include decongestants, bronchilators [for treating asthma related allergies], and allergy shots. The allergy shots are given in the form of vaccines but you should make sure about the amount of medication is needed to produce the desired effect in controlling allergic reactions.

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