Order valium no prescription south carolina

By | 05.12.2017

order valium no prescription south carolina

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  1. Luke

    I was prescribed 5mg tablets. First time I took 1 it felt like I was moving in slow motion. My cognitive and musculoskeletal abilities were significantly reduced. However I was In extreme pain, bed bound and just put a movie on so it wasn't a big deal for me, It relieved my pain within 30 minutes and it went from a 10 to 0. However after that initial dose I decided to crack the tablets in half and would take 2.5MG before bed. This would really help my spasms and I wouldn't wake up so stiff. It also helped with my anxiety and stopped my racing thought process. I had an exam the third day I took valium. The week before I was super anxious, scored 2/10 on my quiz. I knew the content and am a smart person but when I get super anxious I just can't focus and forget everything I have learned. Walked into the next quiz relaxed, and was able to think logically without sending myself into a panic when I found something difficult. Scored 9/10 that week.

  2. Maugore

    Would bring down anxiety levels from an incapcitating point to a managable level on most occasions. Sometimes it could literally make the difference between being able to leave the house or not. Provided tremendous relief from the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of anxiety. Worked very well as a sleep aid. Seldom experienced middle of the night waking.

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