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By | 30.09.2017

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  1. Gardagrel

    a horrible experience in life a few months ago and I had a gun in my mouth and have beg for life whIle beat the crap out of me and kicked and spit on me ... long story they robbed everything I had and just left me to die under the hotel room bed and I've always suffered from anxiety but after that day I haven't been the same I have severe PTSD severe panic disorder I can't leave the house by myself or I get scared and it's hard for me to even stay home without having a panic attack getting bad anxiety but I have tried everything seeing therapist and doctors in it's just a big waiting game to them it's all about money ive been waiting since April to even see a psychiatrist for help so I've been suffering .glad u all got help so easy.

  2. Shak

    Take 1 or 2mgs at one time, as needed, for panic attacks. Most of the time I will have a panic attacks, for no reason or triggers. For Some panic attacks I do have a trigger. Large Crowds, NO WAY. People I know, that haven't seen in years. The only medicine that helps with panic attacks! I take Valium 10mgs, four times daily. Anxiety and panic attacks are different. Panic effects your whole day. Anxiety attacks, the Valium is in my blood

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