Buying valium 1mg dosage

By | 12.12.2017

buying valium 1mg dosage

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3 thoughts on “Buying valium 1mg dosage

  1. Jordan

    Just great. I do not use the prescribed amount (0.5mg every 8 hours or every 4 hours as needed). I have not used for a week now but just took 1/2 pill and 25 minutes later I feel good.

  2. Gardale

    Helped anxiety-.but is long term use worth it? Very effective in decreasing frequent panic attacks and GAD. My tolerance kept increasing and I was having to up dose every 6 months or so. I got with my doctor and have been on klonopin ever since. I have had no negative side effects and have not needed to increase dose yet-1yr,3months and going.

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