Valium no rx foreign

By | 04.02.2018

valium no rx foreign

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  1. Mukinos

    My muscle spasms in my spine were caused by injury. They have gotten worse with age. BUT, I had Doctors who listened. I cannot take "pain" pills or even NSAIDS. And because of the injury to my head, aspirin in large doses. Valium was prescribed by three Neurologists-but in low doses. The reviews I have read that are negative to Valium have the patients taking doses WAAAY to high. They are creating zombies. I take 6 Mg. a DAY--and it works and I have live with this spine pain--on a cane--for many years. They cannot "cure" it, but Valium has made it possible for me to stay out of a wheelchair. The Doctors who overprescribe are CREATING a problem for the patient. It is a very effective medication, cheap and very mild side effects.

  2. Shakajas

    I have been on Lorazapam over 20yrs. HAD a cardiologist once tell me, heart A-OK.if get severe pain mimicing a male heart attack, take 1. Wait 5 min. Passes, it's anxiety. It worked! Not much other. Need lower start.dose too high (hands/feet)VERY Numb, shaking right.

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