Buy valium online cheap overnight flights to las vegas

By | 29.07.2017

buy valium online cheap overnight flights to las vegas

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3 thoughts on “Buy valium online cheap overnight flights to las vegas

  1. Mugami

    this is a great drug if you actually have serious anxiety! so many people abuse this med and it gives us who truly suffer a bad name! there really shouldnt be any side effects when taken properly, other than drowsiness.

  2. Dulkree

    I've been taking it for 9 years. 1 mg twice a day. I have to constantly be cutting myself down for a couple of weeks at a time to keep this stuff working. During those couple of weeks I'm panicky and nervous, and having suicidal thoughts, ...then I take it at regular dose and instead of all of the other problems I have -- I'm seriously suicidal -- as in I'm going to do it NOW, screaming at people, parasuicidal (self injuy), irritated, angry, and I sleep about 18 hours a day. Remember people -- tranquilizers are downers. I'd feel MUCH better if I could get off of it completely. I've also been having residual side effects for the last 4 years. Overwhelming dizziness and nausea. I have been unable to function at all.

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