Cod delivery overnight valium dosage dose

By | 06.03.2018

cod delivery overnight valium dosage dose

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3 thoughts on “Cod delivery overnight valium dosage dose

  1. Arar

    Without Valium my mind would not stop at bedtime. This drug worked perfectly (let me sleep)and let me wake refreshed [5mg at bedtime]. More recently, I developed headache problems that I do not attribute to Valium [maybe overuse of protonix or Excedrin rebound]. I now use Valium for headaches and occasional leg shakes(5 mg at night). Now, I do not take it every day; more like every other day.

  2. Lynn

    I have been taking valium for 15 years for sleep and anxiety 15-30mg. This drug has worked good through the years but I have begun to notice memory and balance issues so I decided to get off of it. The first time I quickly tapered and one night I awoke to a racing heart beat, tremors, & an intense feeling like my head, face, & back were on fire. I had to go back on because of this. Now I'm doing a slow taper so far have gone from 15mg to 7.5mg over 4 months. Going from 15-10mg was easy but going under 10mg has been very difficult at times. For years I was very much positive about this drug but I do not think you should take it for more than a month unless you just have to have it. Just be careful withdrawals can kill.

  3. Justin

    I have been taking valium & inderol at the first sign of migraine for years and this combo has been the ONLY help I can get. I tried the other drugs, but worry about the hypertensive effects and they just do not work well for me. The last time I went to the MD he almost accused me of substance abuse. All I want is relief from these migraines and that is what I get from valium and inderol. If not for the valium, I would miss a lot of work time.

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