Valium for sale in the usa

By | 30.06.2017

valium for sale in the usa

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Valium for sale in the usa - explained

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3 thoughts on “Valium for sale in the usa

  1. Nikasa

    I have only 5-5mg tablets to use, and I am unsure of how to use them. I am thinking of taking one earlier in the day Tues. to see what one does, since it says they are long acting (6-8 hours). Then if one doesn't work, I can go to 2 before bed and maybe 2 the next morning before going to the hospital. The other issue being I am overweight so I am scared I will need a higher dosage because of my weight. I really appreciate any help someone can give me.

  2. Tverdislava

    This has been the only drug that really helps me when I need it-- I have tried probably 20 drugs in the past 2 years for anxiety, depression, panic, and mood swings. I do not take it every day. I only take it as needed if I'm having a panic attack or severe anxiety. A lot of people abuse it and take it every day--- it's not a bad drug, you just have to be educated and not abuse it. It should never be a long term, every day, drug. Do your research before just taking this medicine every day.

  3. Mezahn

    Don't ever start.Don't take them.Get something from the drugstore!If you try and quit it is BAD, u can't stay off the toilet,no sleeping,in bed I feel like I'm going crazy.Hot flashes,can't drive-too weak.Husband is sick but too tired to help much.You can't nap.When will this insomnia end?

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