Buy valium overnight fedex

By | 11.03.2018

buy valium overnight fedex

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3 thoughts on “Buy valium overnight fedex

  1. Grace

    This and Celexa/Citalopram, for depression, have totally changed my life!!! If I have a job interview, I take 10 mg of Valium. If I have to go into crowds or Las Vegas Strip, where I live, I take the Valium. Stuck in traffic, take the Valium. I do NOT take it daily. It is habit-forming and addictive. Also, the effects lessen, I was on 5 mg for about a year, now I am on 10 mg. My husband loves it as well. It really numbs you to many annoying things in life, sometimes I can get work done without a care in the world. I hate crowds, I have to deal with them, I take the Valium and I am fine. I will say pretty immediately after taking a dose, you feel the effects, but after a short time, they disappear. In theory they last 12 hours, but that is definitely 100% not true, maybe 2 hours at the most for me. But they have made it easy for me to deal with the general public, to sit in traffic, to go to job interviews, to deal with my husband and 10 pets, everything.

  2. Zologrel

    I took valium -only 1 mg. a day- last year for 3 months. Then I went to Klonopin for 6 months (including withdrawal. I'm back with Valium. It's the best for me. Easy for my system to take and I don't need large doses. Klonopin was way too strong and they don't make in small enough doses. .5 mg klonpin tablet is ten times stronger than 1mg. of Valium.

  3. Shaktimuro

    I've had 2 separate periods of diazepam use. The first was from 1982-99 for generalized anxiety and Meniere's Disease. It worked very well for both. However, I am also a recovering alcoholic who has to be careful with drugs like this and when I got sober in 1999, I quit using valium. Then this past May (2009), I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and my anxiety (and some Meniere's symptoms like vertigo, etc.)came back roaring. I had shortness of breath and a tremendously amplified startle reflex. So, I asked my GP to put me back on low levels of valium, which he did. He also put me on Ambien. My cancer surgery in July was successful and by October, I felt ready to come off both valium and ambien. But my addictive brain (remember, I'm a recovering drunk) wasn't as ready and I was unsuccessful in my own attempt to taper off either drug. So, I went to the p-doc at the local rehab center and she put me on Remeron and told me to try and get off the ambien first and we'd worry about the valium later. So, now about 10 weeks later, I'm off ambien completely and am being maintained on 15mg. remeron and 3mg valium a day. This is a sub-clinical valium dose, but it still helps. We're going to stay here for the next 5 months or so and then, if the Remeron continues to work for me, taper the valium until I'm off it. Valium has historically been the only drug that has ever given me relief from my anxiety and I've been through a bushel basket of others from Buspar to Luvox to Lexapro. But because of my addictive personality, I need to be off it eventually. And that's OK so long as the Remeron keeps working. So, with some reservations, I'd recommend short-course valium therapy to anybody with severe situational anxiety. It works. Watch it though and don't stay on it too long. It makes all the sharp corners of the world round and while that is a nice feeling, it isn't the way the world really is. Be cautious with this drug, especially if you are prone to addiction.

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