Buy valium in louisville

By | 31.03.2018

buy valium in louisville

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  1. Mazujar

    Valium is one of the few drugs I can endorse for CFS and I've tried many types of drugs for my condition. I find it superior to an SSRI in dealing with my neurotic guilt and depression. Without valium. I can't clean more than 5 minutes without worrying about something else or being so fixated on my constant pain and muscle aches I have to stop. With valium. I can calm down and spend 2 hours or so doing chores. Still tired, but I can take it slow without becoming frustrated at myself and illness. Talk about night and day. I was also given the stimulant Ritalin to try for fatigue and brain fog. This made me stress worse and become even more up tight. So ironically, I am far more motivated and less fatigued taking Valium which is a sedative. Go figure. I also believe it is not as good for pure panic disorders. In which case like Klonopin or Xanax are more suitable.

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