Saturday delivery valium codeine

By | 23.01.2018

saturday delivery valium codeine

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Saturday delivery valium codeine - common

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2 thoughts on “Saturday delivery valium codeine

  1. Menris

    Alprazolam I have been taking this medication 1 mg per day for many years now and find it is the only thing that helps my general anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Side effects have been some weight gain which I quickly lost with exercise and eating less carbs. I have not had to increase my dosage and some days find that I lessen it to 0.5 mg. Before taking this medication, I was in a shocking state of perpetual anxiety and unable to function at work and was completely paralysed in social settings. Yes, I realise that I will probably be taking this for many years to come but the alternative is less appealing than my dependence on it.

  2. Isaac

    his drug is a magic i took 0.5 everyday for 1 month and i felt superman when i stopped it i didnt know what was wrong with me cuz i felt tired and fatigue everyday.i retook this medicine and iam doing fine.only quarter a pill makes me relax for 4 days then when i start to tremble and get tired i know the time for my second quarter.i hope this low doses keeps the same cuz iam aiming to stop the drug so i haope some patience will do.good luck

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