Online doctor consultation for valium generic valium

By | 09.11.2017

online doctor consultation for valium generic valium

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3 thoughts on “Online doctor consultation for valium generic valium

  1. Yozshull

    I take .5 about 45 minutes before I want to fall asleep. It works like a charm. It gently lulls you to doesn't give you that "oh my,I'm going to die" feeling that so many sleeping pills induce. I haven't had to up my dosage and I really don't understand why anyone would abuse this medication.

  2. Sashicage

    I take 5mg as needed at bedtime. I have severe muscle spasms, shoulder, and neck pain. I use aleve, advil, and diclofenac and still have pain. I was waking up with terrible tension headaches before using this. I only take it when I feel the tension at night. Regarding other comments on addiction - I have taken benzos for YEARS (on/off and never daily) and I have never become addicted. If taken only as needed, it's a great drug.

  3. JoJojas

    I took this on days that i just couldn't stand the dizziness. Once taken i was able to go on with my day and not feel like the room was spinning. Ativan was also prescribed, this just made my symptoms worse!

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