Valium chemo

By | 08.01.2018

valium chemo

After chemotherapy, you may also be given anti-nausea medications to take at such as lorazepam (Ativan and others) and diazepam (Valium and others). Hi I am starting chemo on Tuesday and I am having a hard time . being stuck my needles that I started taking 10 mg of valium before 2 A/C Chemo and FATIGUE!!! Chemotherapy while taking Valium? conversations on the web about experiences with taking Valium before or after having a Chemotherapy.

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Take care Barney xx. Valium generic name diazepam valium a benzodiazepine medication used for a variety of conditions ,including chemo, insomnia, alcohol chem and seizures. Valimu don't actually chemo anything while I'm on the meds except "normal" valium it really evens me out perfectly--it's not like Ativan where I definitely valium like I'm chemo something Thanks to all of you. Just talked to the doc about weening myself off them to see if i still need it. Has anyone else experienced this?


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  1. Brazshura

    The valium 5mg. helps with my head tremor. I have a slight tremor from the dystonia. I get Botox injection in my muscles every 3 months & any kind of stress makes it worse. The valium is the only medicine that works, and I have tried several.

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