Overnight valium

By | 04.02.2018

overnight valium

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2 thoughts on “Overnight valium

  1. Tygorisar

    Started taking this several years ago for air travel (.5 mg 1 hr before flight) and it worked great. Now that I'm older, I'm prone to minor panic attacks and chest pains associated with perimenopause and life in general. Just one pill a day makes me feel normal again. Since I've been using it almost daily, it does take an additional 1/2 pill for air travel to be most effective.

  2. Goltirisar

    After suffering an exreme onset of a rapid heartbeat at work (it started while I was laughing, believe it or not) I saw a cardiologist who determined that there was nothing physically wrong with me, however I started having problems relaxing and sleeping at night for fear the condition would suddenly return without warning while alone or sleeping (I thought it might lead to a heartattack!). The doctor gave me a prescription for Zanax which helped, but caused the undesireable side effect. The condition never occured again.

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