Buy cheap valium alaska

By | 05.08.2017

buy cheap valium alaska

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2 thoughts on “Buy cheap valium alaska

  1. Gorislava

    My father used to take this drug when they gave it out in the late 60's-70's. We used to call it the "forget things" drug as he would not remember where he put things and they would be in his back pocket ! Same for me..short term memory loss but great sleep when I take it with another drug I am prescribed.

  2. Akinot

    Works superbly for me. I take very judiciously, only when I feel it is absolutely necessary. I skip days. I hope the SSRI works so I don't need it though. Highest recommendation for panic sufferers, if used responsibly. It can be a good friend, and also your worst enemy (from what I have read here, elsewhere, and everywhere). It has allowed me to function a lot better just knowing I have something with which to combat the panic, giving *me* some control back. I know it is just treating the "symptom", but for now it's what I need to get to the "cause".

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