Warning – Not All Fish Oil Tablets Are Created Equal!

By | February 5, 2018

When I first started researching fish oil tablets, I was shocked to find that many are tainted with toxins such as heavy metals, PCBs, and dioxins. Then again, when I thought about where the majority of our fish comes from, I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

Most of the fish oil used in tablets found on store shelves are located in the middle of major shipping routes that are surrounded by heavily populated and heavily polluted land masses. While omega 3 supplements are an extremely healthy lifestyle choice, taking one that has been tainted by harmful chemicals found in heavily traveled ocean waters will not promote your health the way taking one found in purer, pristine ocean waters will.

When choosing a fish oil tablet, you should do some research into the company’s background to ensure that they have a strong belief in using only the purest omega 3 content. Check to make sure they publish their TOTOX values (total oxidation, which is basically equivalent to spoilage) and that it is equal to or lower than the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) standards.
If the TOTOX values cannot be found, find an omega 3 tablet manufactured by a company not afraid to show these numbers.

It is also important to check the Certificate of Analysis of the omega 3 product to ensure that the levels of purity are on par with those established by IFOS and the CRN. The Certificate of Analysis will show the amount of arsenic, mercury, lead, and other harmful components found measured by ppb (parts per billion). Please ensure that the levels listed match or are below those set by IFOS and the CRN.

Another thing to check when choosing a supplement is where the manufacturer gets their supply. As stated earlier, many of our oceans are heavily polluted and heavily traveled, leading to high levels of toxins in the water.

One body of water that has been virtually untouched by all of this is the Southern Ocean, which remains pure and pristine to this day. The hoki found in this body of water off the coast of New Zealand are the perfect candidate for ensuring pure and fresh fish oil tablets that you can feel good about putting in your body on a daily basis.

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