Tv Is Such A Chronic Killers

By | February 13, 2018

1. TV Life shortened Studies have shown that watching television is really a life shortened by the pastime. Australian study found that, regardless of how long a day fitness, time spent watching TV each additional hour will increase the risk of death 11%, died of cancer or cardiovascular disease risk also increased by 9% and 18, respectively %. Compared with less than two hours a day watching television people watch TV more than four hours of people will increase the risk of death 46% risk of death from cardiovascular disease increased 80%. But also for non-smoking, slim, healthy diet, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are low people are no exception.

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2. TV bring alcoholic TV make people drink more alcohol. Research shows that people’s drinking habits will largely be affected television. One for 18-29 year-old male college students in the survey, similar to the bar scene when the exposure time, viewing alcohol theme

Film , Advertisement The boys will see non-drinking subjects than boys drink an average of 1.5 glasses of wine.

3. TV cause teenage pregnancy Study, watch television content related to the risk of teenage pregnancy will be doubled. More than two hours watching TV every day young people will have sex earlier, the probability to 72% higher than ordinary people.

4. TV makes bones fragile Study found that children watching TV a long time weak bones, growth was also slow. This is lively, with children no relationship. Before the age of 25, the human bones are in a growth state. Young bones more stronger, more old age should not be susceptible to osteoporosis.

5. TV hinder parent-child communication

A new study found that television, even though the only background sound, will also affect the communication between parents and children. The researchers asked some young parents and their children at the TV and turn off the TV in the state of the experiment. The results showed that, when the adult broadcast television program, parents and children talk time will be reduced by 20%. Even if there is communication with their children, they would not be very active, very focused, but less to respond.

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