The Truth About Clear Lift Ultra

By | February 27, 2018

Even before conduction the full Clear Lift Ultra Review, Clear Lift Ultra has exactly what any anti-aging product needs in terms of ingredients so already it has positioned itself as a potential top performer before even starting the review.

Clear Lift Ultra comes in 2 parts. You start application with SmoothRejuvenation Facelist Treatment which fuses Hylauronic Acid as well as Marin Collagen to give a desired instantaneous face lift effect. On top of that there is ReplenishEyes with Dermaxyl and Haloxyl designed to target deep wrinkles as well as age spots near and around the eyes.

Clear Lift Ultra has a ingredient list usually only found in products charging the highest premium. Argireline, essential in fighting the breakdown of natural collagen, is the first ingredient that jumps up at us. On top of Argireline, additional Marine Collagen and Natural Peptides are included to both protect existing and replace lost collagen elements.


Inclusion of Argireline stops the breaking down of natural collagen
Inclusion of Natural Peptides and Marine Collagen aid in Collagen protection and building.
Ingredient list only found in premium products.
Instantaneous lift with collagen effect
Two part application process allows for more concentration on associated areas.
Comes with a Free Trial of the product


Can only be purchased from official Clear Lift Ultra website
Comes in only one size
More information on their website regarding ingredients would be helpful

Some Customer Feedback:

“My wrinkles seem to disappear so quickly. I had tried other creams, but nothing has worked like this…”

“My skin looks and feels fantastic but I wish they would have only one application cream instead of a cream for the eyes and one for the face…”

“I tried ClearLift Ultra and I could not believe the results. My husband says he can’t believe how young I look!…”


Marine Collagen Complex, Natural Peptides, Argireline, Hylauronic Acid, Dermaxyl, Haloxyl

Our Conclusion

Our initial thoughts before conducting a full Clear Lift Ultra review was that its ingredients list would not look out of place in a product 5-10x the price of this. All the key ingredients are here and that’s what we like most about it. It contains the all important anti-aging agent Argireline as well as Collagen and natural peptides usually only reserved for products in the $ 500-800 range.

The fact the product is divided into two specific products, SmoothRejuvination and ReplenishEyes means that you can target specific areas effectively without compromise. The available Free Trial is the best way to get started with such a great product and determine whether it is right for you and your skin.

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