The Killers and a Cover Album?

By | March 12, 2018

The Killers have been a band for a little while and already they are thinking of making a cover album. The Killers made their stardom with such hits like “Somebody Told Me” and “Mr. Brightside” and are already thinking of a new album. Sometimes in the music industry bands have to make a cover album instead of originality. With the Killers, they have always been that type of band that gives marginal sales to the record labels. With the cover album, the Killers are going to offer their fans some of the favorites of the past.

Why the cover album? Lead singer of the band Brandon Flowers has said that it has always been something that they have wanted to do. Many artists in the past have done these albums to bring their own sound to old classics that we have listened to in the past. With great artist’s songs from Iggy Pop and Cyndi Lauper’s album is going have such favorites that many have missed. With the Killers and a cover album, they are going to have to pick some really good songs that are going to match the sounds that the Killers offer.

It isn’t a bad thing when an artist or band wants to do a cover album to give something to their fans. The sound is the Killers while the words are someone else. It is still shows the artists talent. That is the opinion of many who are fans of the Killers. Members of the band have said that they will be working on the album while they are on tour. This will give them time to organize the different artist songs that they want to incorporate into the album.

The Killers are planning to release the album and fans are excited. But will it be enough. With the tone of the singer’s voice, the album is sure to have marginal sales and not make the band shine further. Fans agree that making a cover album is a risky move on the band’s part. This is because of the band doing the song justice in keeping the melody of the songs. This is never a good idea fans argue. To change up the songs on the melody shows talent on the artist’s part. However, this is not what the Killers are doing with this album. Whatever the choices the band has some difficult decisions while on tour.

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