Testosterone And It’s Effects On Weight Loss

By | April 18, 2018

In a “nutshell”, researchers from a prominent medical journal in Russia discovered that there is an inverse relationship between abnormal obesity and testosterone levels; the higher your testosterone, the lower your abdominal fat. This could mean that large elevations in the male hormone, testosterone, might just be the best way to getting a “cut-up-6-pack”!

Of course, following a “clean” diet devoid of refined carbohydrates and doing lots of “ab work” will get your abs even more cut. But, according to a clinical study, your testosterone levels are the most important factor in getting a shredded six-pack, and here’s why.

Researchers concluded that testosterone suppresses an enzyme that is mainly responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. So with this enzyme greatly suppressed, carbs aren’t converted to fat as efficiently!

This research supports many others that provide evidence for testosterone and it’s effects on bodyfat percentage. This leaves us with one question… what’s the best way to elevate testosterone? While many bodybuilders try their luck on the black market which is illegal and dangerous (because you never know what you are going to get); others go through more “legitimate” channels by visiting their a doctor.

This is typically a much more expensive route and can be a pain because you’ve got to get blood work done. And that’s only if you can convince the “doc” you need it. Then, you will only at best get a “therapeutic dose”; not a “bodybuilding dose”

But here’s some fantastic news if these options don’t appeal to you. There is a testosterone derivative called OrlaTEST by CHEM33 that (as of today) is still legally available. The target compound, originally developed by German steroid bio-chemists for East German Olympic athletes, this amazing testosterone compound originally sold under the name of Oral Turinabol. OrlaTEST is one of the last remaining testosterone derivatives legally available.

Now, there are other “testosterone elevators” available too. Just not as many that are effective as OrlaTEST. For more information on these options, call the professionals at Zupplements.com at 1-888-987-7748 today.

Anthony Robbinson has over 15 years in the bodybuilding and fitness community. He has worked alongside some of the biggest movers and shakers in the supplement industry. However, he has really created a name for himself as a personal trainer and supplement advisor. His passion lies in helping people get results, sooner!