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Weight loss: One woman lost a whopping six stone with this simple diet plan – Express

After losing weight, it is no surprise some people will use social media to show off their impressive transformations. Posting on Reddit, one woman said she used a diet plan to shed 5st 8lb and she slimmed from 16st 1lb to a healthy 10st 7lb. The dieter explained following an intermittent fasting diet plan helped… Read More »

The woman with 2500 personalities

A woman with 2500 different personalities has brought her abuser to justice after taking the stand using the voice of six of her “alters”. Jeni Haynes, 49, developed multiple personality disorder, also known as dissociative identity disorder, after being subjected to sickening sexual abuse by her father Richard Haynes from the age of four. “My… Read More »

Swedish woman becomes the first to get pregnant after having a womb transplant performed with robot

Medical breakthrough as Swedish woman becomes world’s FIRST to get pregnant after having a womb transplant performed using a robot Womb transplants have produced 13 babies so far around the world But the procedure had only been successful when done by human surgeons Using a surgical robot reduces the damage and recovery time for the… Read More »